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We can utilize our experience for the future of the earth.

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 Vision and Spirit for Overseas Cooperation Co.,Ltd.
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Company name Vision and Spirit for Overseas Cooperation (VSOC) Co., Ltd.
Date established Establishment of VSO Co., Ltd.: Feb.10, 1999
Establishment of Overseas Copperation Co. Ltd.: Nov. 1999
Merged as VSOC Co., Ltd.: Dec.1, 2006
President & CEO Nakagaki, Osamu
Capital 20 million yen
Number of employees 41 (as of July 2014)

6F Tsuruya Bldg., 3-20 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
102-0094 JAPAN

TEL +81-3-6380-9930
FAX +81-3-6380-9925
URL http://www.vsoc.jp
e-mail vsoc@vsoc.jp
Opening Hours Monday - Friday (9:00 to 17:30)
Holidays Weekends and National holidays, New year (Dec. 29-Jan.1)
Foundation VSOC Co., Ltd. was established on December 1, 2006 with its corporate philosophy, "Contributing to society through national and international cooperation activities", shared between Veterans Services Overseas Co., Ltd. (*1) and Overseas Cooperation Co., Ltd. (*2). The purpose of the establishment is to maximize the synergies and potentials of two companies in order to respond higher expectations of world society through actively creating new businesses.
(*1) Veterans Services Overseas Co., Ltd. was established in February 1999 by former employees of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and returned Techncial Experts & Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers worked in foreign countries. The purpose was to provide the quality services for various international cooperation activities based on experiences engaged in activities in developing countries for many years.
(*2) Overseas Cooperation Co., Ltd. was established in November 1999 by returned members of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers in order to carry out various projects on international cooperation .

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