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Research & Evaluation

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:Terminal Evaluation Study for the One Village One Product Promotion Project
:Evaluation Analysis

Egypt:Information gathering and analysis for the governance(Economic policy) in Egypt

Myanmar:Project on Development of Participatory Multiplication and Distribution System for Quality Rice Seed
:Evaluation Analysis

Bosnia and Herzegovina:Detailed Planning Study for the Project for Confidence-Building through Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina
:Evaluation Analysis

Preliminary Study on Miclo-hydrolic power by Agricultural Development Consultants Association (ADCA)

the Kingdom of Bhutan:Horticulture Research and Development Project in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Republic of Mozambique:Mid-term Review Study for the Project for Improving Research and Technology Transfer Capacity for Nacala Corridor Agriculture Development
:Evaluation Analysis

Comprehensive Regional Perspective Plan for Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor Region

Uganda:Feasibility survey project on Suitability of Agricultural Mechanization for Small scale farmers in the East African region

Sri Lanka:Terminal Evaluation Survey on Technical Cooperation Project for Small Scale Dairy Farming Improvement through Genetic and Feeding Management Improvement in Sri Lanka
:Evaluation Analysis

Sudan:Terminal Evaluation Survey on Technical Cooperation Project for Strengthening Vocational Training
:Evaluation Analysis

Kyrgyz:The Project for Promotion of Exportable Vegetable Seed Production

Laos:Midterm Review for the Participatory Irrigated Agriculture Development Project in Southern Area along the Mekong River
:Evaluation Analysis

Senegal:Project for Reinforcement of CFPT Senegal-Japan

Nepal:Terminal Evaluation Survey on Technical Cooperation Project for Promoting Peace Building and Democratization through the Capacity Development of the Media Sector
:Evaluation Analysis

Uzbekistan:Joint Midterm Review for Technical Cooperation for the Water Management Improvement Project
:Evaluation Analysis

2013 Detailed Planning Study on Technical Assistance Projects on Aviation Techniques and Airport Development
:Evaluation and analysis

Nepal:Preparatory Survey of JICA’s Technical Cooperation Program for Agricultural and Rural Development, Food Production and Agriculture in Terai Plain
Zambia:Detailed Planning Study for the National KAIZEN Project
:Evaluation Analysis

Vietnam:Midterm Review for the Northwest Region Rural Development Project
:Evaluation Analysis

Dispatch of Experts & Professionals

Bangladesh:Water Supply Adviser

Afghanistan:Rice-based Agriculture Development
:Project Coordinator/Expert:2013-2014

Indonesia:Pilot Study for Carbon Sequestration and Monitoring in Gundih Area, Central Java Province
:Project Coordinator/Expert:2013-2015

Bolivia:Assistance for Volunteers
:Volunteer Coordinator:2013-2015

Zimbabwe:Overseas Office, JICA
:Office Director:2012-2014

Palau:Overseas Office, JICA
:Office Director:2012-2014

Gabonaise:Aid Coordination
:Project Formulation Adviso:2012-2013

Sudan:Capacity Building Project for the Implementation of the Executive Programme for the Agricultural Revival

Chile:Research Project on Enhancement of technology to develop tsunami-resilient community
Thailand:the National Recovery and Reconstruction Plan/Environmental Cooperation
:Project Formulation Adviso:2012-2014

Angola:Aid Coordination

Bangladesh:Water Supply Adviser

Malawi:Middle-sized Irrigation Project
:Project Coordinator/Expertr:2011-2013

Burkina Faso:Agriculture & Agricultural Village Development Policy Adviser

Bhutan:Rural Administration Assistance Projec Phase 3
:Expert/Rural Human Resource Development:2011-2014

Solomon Islands:Overseas Office, JICA
:Office Director:2011-2013

Nicaragua:Assistance for Volunteers
:Volunteer Coordinator:2010-2014

Laos:Project for Improving In-service Teacher Training for Science & Mathematics Education (4th year)
:Technical Cooperation Project:2010-2013

Cambodia:Project for improving Mother & Child Health
:Project Coordinator/Expert:2010-2013

Nepal:Assistance for Volunteers
:Volunteer Coordinator:2010-2014

Bhutan:Project for developing & promoting garden crops - Phase 2
:Chief Advisor/Expert on Horticulture:2010-2013

Eritrea:Coordination of Tertiary Education Assistance & Aid Coordination

Zambia:SMASTE School-based Continuing Professional Development Project - Phase 2
:INSET Management/Team Leader/Expert:2008-2010

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